A New Journey

( I thought this post went up about a month or so ago…)
Well everyone,
It’s been a while. I’m sure you’re wondering how life in SoKo has been for me. Well it’s been interesting. I have met some wonderful people whi I can call friends, I have met some crazies, some great Korean men, and some…as you know, straight bum holes.
I’m not exactly sure where I left off before, but I know that there is a…

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No more heartaches

So I have decided to just put my focus into my music, youtube channel, and figuring out what I really want to do with my life. I am tired of focusing on these guys. I have started to just click “leave” on the kakao messages because I don’t want to have to see them and feel that I need to message them. There are several of my friends that message back and forth everyday which is quite nice and I…

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hotmilkblacktea asked:

So I'm pretty sure we made eye contact in Hongdae today? lol

If you were walking with a friend and I was walking with a friend then I think I know exactly who you are. lol 

There were two girls I made eye contact with who seemingly knew me that day. I thought I heard you tell your friend that you think you know me or something? 

Anyway, I’m glad you’re in Korea!! Such a great place! 

I Ended the Game…

I Ended the Game…

Some of you may be upset with me and may think there is no point to reading the sad details of my life now, but I want you to know that I am much happier now…at least in that area.

First off, dog guy and I had a thing. And he disappeared on me. Just completely stopped responding and that was for two weeks. I don’t think anyone deserves to be treated so poorly at any time. We were supposedly…

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Is this the game?

So this weekend was amazing for many reasons, but the best reason is because I had fun with friends. I went to some new places and tried some new things.

Friday afternoon I got to be the MC at a teaching workshop we had to go to. I was so happy to be able to do something like that. Not the most fun thing, but definitely something I like doing. Due to this I got to get to Seoul much sooner.


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Social Media!

Are you on my Facebook page? 


If you’re not then you have been missing out, but I will apologize due me not putting my videos up on here like I was doing before. 

I put them to my facebook page and forgot. 

So here is the most recent one, and I’m working on several new videos now due to the long break we just had here. 


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